Hobby turned second career

Our passion is building exceptional fishing tools 
and helping you Catch. More. Fish.

After working 32 years in sales, I left the corporate world after a company merger. The only problem was I had no hobbies to occupy the newfound time on my hands. Some friends suggested fishing. I found out I enjoyed it, so I took it one step further and purchased a kit to build my own rod. I liked that as well. About 24 years ago, I sold my first fishing rod. My new hobby had just become my second career.

In 2000, I was asked to build a rod for Minnesota’s then-governor Jesse Ventura for the Governor’s Fishing Opener. I built eight rods for the event for Ventura, Lieutenant Governor Mae Schunk and both of their family members. It was a lot of good exposure for my growing business.

Since the start of my hobby turned business, I have built 2,300 fishing rods, taught 80 build-your-own rod classes to more than 500 students, fished on three continents and caught 45-50 different species of fish. It keeps me active and busy, and it has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people around the world.

My wife is part of my business, sewing a rod sock for every rod I create. She also embroiders the client’s name on each sock to personalize it and make it as unique as the rod inside.

The new rod looks great! And casts great! I fished Mille Lacs for 10 hours…can’t remember the last time I casted for that long.  My back did not get sore!

Keith Okeson, Mille Lacs Lake

One of a kind, just like you

Our fishing rods are as individual as you are.

LakeLady Rods has a reputation for building an artistic, unique product of the highest quality that functions exactly like it should on the water. Each rod is built one at a time from the highest quality component parts. I work with each client to determine what you want out of your fishing rod. This is a custom-made product and is as individual as you are – definitely not a one-size-fits-all product. LakeLady Rods specializes in rods for:






You want to order a custom rod. Now what?

Our Accolades and Partners

LakeLady Rods’ award-winning accomplishments

  • 2001 Minnesota Governor’s fishing opener rod crafter for the governor and his party

  • People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Kinship Partner Taste of the Lakes

  • 2003 Best of Show at the Custom Rod Builders Guild

  • In-Fisherman 2018 Ice Guide

  • Featured Article in Lake & Home Outdoors Magazine

  • Feature story in LakeCountry Journal July/August 2011

LakeLady Rods’ partners

  • Batson Enterprises
  • Trout Unlimited
  • Wet Fly Swing
  • Makoop Lake Lodge
  • NorthHouse Folk School
  • Custom Rod Builders Guild
  • Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce