The LakeLady Ambassador Program

Join LakeLady Custom Fishing Rods as an Ambassador to elevate your fishing game and engage others using our high-quality, custom-designed gear.

The Ambassador Program

As an avid angler looking to elevate your game and engage others in freshwater fishing, this program is perfect for you! LakeLady Custom Fishing Rods has been revolutionizing high-quality, sensitive fishing gear since 1998, and we believe you'll love our products as much as we do. Our team collaborates with top engineers and manufacturers to create the best fishing rod blanks and components, always prioritizing environmental respect and fishery care. We pride ourselves on innovative designs, outstanding customer service, and custom rods built to each angler's specifications.

As a LakeLady Ambassador, you'll excel in fishing, have extensive knowledge of techniques, and use premium products. You'll promote the sport as a professional fishing guide, showcasing our rods and understanding what makes them unique. Ambassadors should have excellent communication skills, a positive social media presence with over 750 followers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and post at least once a week. You must fish at least four times a month and purchase at least one LakeLady Custom Fishing Rod.

Your role as a LakeLady Ambassador involves engaging your audience through social media, fostering relationships, and gaining customers. You'll educate and inspire others about our custom fishing gear's unique benefits. As the face of our brand, your influence is crucial to our collective growth.

Ambassador Program Benefits

  • Exclusive access to enjoy a discounted custom fishing rod
  • Earn commission, get rewarded with a 10% commission on leads that turn into purchasing clients.  Discount codes will be provided
  • Refer 10 or more clients who purchase a  LakeLady Custom Rod and get an additional 5% commission payable at the end of the calendar year
  • Grow Your Network by expanding your quality reputation by using LakeLady Custom  Fishing Rods
  • Recognition profile on LakeLady’s social media as it’s Brand Ambassador
  • Marketing support with special graphics for boat decals, logos, brochures, etc.  
  • Grow your network as LakeLady Ambassador being featured in LakeLady’s promotional efforts 4x per month
  • A LakeLady Custom Rod logo fishing shirt embroidered with your name
  • Decal stickers and LakeLady brochures as hand-outs for your clients
  • Build Your Own Custom Rod by attending one of our classes' tuition free, a $150 value.  You must purchase component parts for the rod you build.



Your role as a LakeLady Ambassador will require the following: 

  • Active Social Media Presence, posting on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others engaging with and promoting LakeLady Custom Fishing Rods
  • Post on Social Media platforms in a professional manner more than once a week
  • Feature 2-3 high quality photos per month, on your social media channels where LakeLady Rods are featured
  • Use hashtags on your social media posts #lakeladycustomrods
  • Have followers/friends over 750 per media source
  • Personal discount of 25% off retail on not more than 2 custom rods per year, for use/sharing.
  • Represent our brands in a positive professional manner
  • Have a passion for fishing and using high quality equipment


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LakeLady Ambassador Application
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