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Catch more fish with our custom fishing rods.

Catch more fish with our custom fishing rods.

We combine old-world craftsmanship with today’s state-of-the-art technology
to create a unique fishing tool – a hand-crafted LakeLady custom rod.

Let’s get building!

LakeLady Rods are as individual as you are. We use the finest world-class components ergonomically fitted to you with elite designs defining your custom-crafted fishing rod.

LakeLady Rods showcases the clear difference from mass produced rods.

Each LakeLady rod is crafted from the finest components available and designed to provide maximum performance while reducing weight and friction. You can’t get that quality from any mass produced fishing rod.

Work Of Art

A custom rod is a fishing tool, but it is also a work of art. Beautiful custom exotic wood, Portuguese Burl cork handles, feather inlays and exotic thread art define the uniqueness of a custom rod and can reflect any personality. Not only is your LakeLady rod unique, it’s comfortable and balanced to fit you.

Quality Custom
Fishing Rods

Every rod we build takes into account the physical fit to the owner and the functional fit for the type of fishing. Your physical stature, size of hands, length of forearm and overall arm length dictate the butt grip length and diameter for casting and spinning rods.

Made For You

The reel you will be using is critical to balancing the outfit. Balance of the rod is important to make a rod feel good and reduce casting fatigue. When properly balanced with your reel, the outfit feels weightless. We use state-of-the-art technology to create a hand-crafted custom rod.

Personalized expression you can’t get anywhere else.

Take a look at our curated selection of work.

Exceptional look + feel go hand in hand

Learn more about the LakeLady Rods way.

A fishing rod is like any other sporting gear – when it fits properly, you get better results.

The man behind the rods

After Kris retired, he took
fishing to a new level

  • I have built 2,300 fishing rods.

  • Taught 80 build-your-own rod classes
    to more than 500 students.
  • Fished on three continents.

  • Caught 45-50 different species of fish.

“My LakeLady rod and reel worked great! I caught two walleye and three northern. The rod bent so nicely and the reel worked great, too. Oh, what a joy it was!

Mae Schunk, Former MN Lt. Governor

We’re going places

LakeLady Rods builder Kris Kristufek likes to talk about fishing and custom rod building. Whether it’s at an expo or teaching a class, he’s always ready to share fishing stories. Come visit at one of the following events:

April 28-30

Rod-building class

NorthHouse Folk School, Grand Marais, MN

Date TBD

Fly Rod Workshop

Boyd Lodge
Crosslake, MN