February 28, 2023

What makes a good fishing rod?

What makes a good fishing rod? It’s not what you might think!

There are many options, both on retailers’ racks and what a custom builder can bring to the table. Each has its place. Fishing is an expensive addictive sport. Boats, motors, electronics, tackle, rods/reels and more. Then add a tow vehicle. O’boy, here we go!

The advantages of having the right equipment and correct tools for the job are clear. You would not use a tack hammer to build a house, nor would you use an under-powered vehicle to tow your boat. Fishing rods also come in a wide range of quality and price; all will catch fish, but…

The “But” must be discussed.

Anglers have progressed from one rod for everything to a locker full of specific tools for specific situations, species and techniques. The old adage that you get what you pay for is certainly true in fishing rods. Today, most of the retail fishing equipment is made in China. Do you really know what materials are used or how it was constructed?

Professional rod builders understand all of this and will build a rod perfectly to the specifications of the fisherman. A lot of detail must be understood before the build starts. A discussion must be had to make the determination of exactly what is needed. Many hobbyists choose low cost materials and some use seconds that are rejected by mass production. Professional builders know the consequences of low-price-low-quality, and choose to build on top-of-line world-class made material and components. It costs more to use first class material, but you will get what you pay for.

  • High modulus, light weight rods store more energy, response and performance.

  • Then check the action, power and style.

  • Handle length and materials can help with balance and sensitivity.

  • Light weight line guides can be wire or corrosion proof titanium.

But there is more. Give LakeLady Custom Rods a call. We are here to help you understand the options. We are professional rod builders with over 2 decades of business history. 218-251-2626 or rodbuilder@lakeladyrods.com.

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