May 30, 2023

What makes a good fishing rod?

Question: What makes a good fishing rod?

Answer: Craftsmanship, fit and finish and ergonomics. World-class components combined with the proper blank material for the species and baits to be used.

No one wants to tell the story of the one that got away. We all want to embellish the story about the one we landed! If your fish stories are increasingly becoming about the ones that got away, maybe it’s time to consider it could be your equipment and time for a new rod.

What makes a good fishing rod?

  • Fit. Design. Style. Color. They all contribute to a good fishing rod. At LakeLady Rods, we take it a step further, creating an elite custom fishing rod.

  • First there is the type of rod you need to catch the species of fish you want. The length of rod needs to be considered for the casting control and distance. The action of a rod is how much and where your rod will bend, which is important for the type of fish you’re trying to land. The power of a rod helps determine the pressure it will withstand.

  • A more detailed component of a fishing rod is the guides. Most line guides are made from wire that bends easily and can rust. High quality guides are made from 316 stainless steel. Some are coated with titanium and have space age ceramic rings that reduce friction and impact sensitivity.
  • Each LakeLady rod is crafted from the finest world-class components available and designed to provide maximum performance while reducing weight and friction. Some of the world-class components we use include line guides with space-age ceramic inserts, titanium frames, lightweight CNC aluminum and high modulus carbon fiber blanks. These components can make dramatic improvements in casting length, accuracy, sensitivity and more.

Why you might need a new fishing rod

There can be multiple reasons you need a new fishing rod. Take your pick when it comes time to replace the old, standard rod in your arsenal.

  • Your rod twists out of alignment, moving right or left while under stress

  • Your rod delivers the cast “off target”

  • Fishing for something new

  • Your fishing rod wrap is shredded

  • Maybe you just want a new rod!

  • Catch.More.Fish.

Options for customizing your new fishing rod

When purchasing a LakeLady Rod custom fishing rod, you have multiple ways of creating a one-of-a-kind tool. Yes, there is the perfect ergonomic fit, but there’s also the perfect looking rod to fit your style and personality.

We make fishing rods as individual as you are. Some of the many things you will be able to decide on include:

  • Handles and reel seats of custom-formed burl cork

  • Lathe-turned exotic or native woods such as black ash, box elder, maple or exotic burls from around the world

  • An array of thread colors

  • Custom fishing rod wraps

  • Feather inlays

  • Geometric thread wrapping or weaving

  • Space-age light weight metal

There are many characteristics that go into creating a good fishing rod. The combination of high-quality components, beautiful craftsmanship and perfect ergonomic fit is the LakeLady Rods difference. Catch.More.Fish.

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