February 28, 2023

It’s time to get ready for open water season

Open water season is right around the corner! Let’s update your fishing arsenal with a LakeLady custom fishing rod just in time to get out on the lake.

If you look out the window today, you certainly aren’t seeing any open water yet. With the way this winter has been, you probably won’t for a while either. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not time to start thinking about it. It’s likely time to start thinking about updating your fishing arsenal, too, with a custom-built LakeLady Rods fishing rod.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, there are 5,400 fishable lakes with 1.4 million licensed anglers fishing those waters, hoping to land some of the 162 species of fish. There are also more than 18,000 miles of fishable rivers and streams in Minnesota, but significantly more time is spent on lakes than rivers and streams. The average Minnesota angler spends 15 days fishing each year. The top sought after fish in Minnesota are walleye, northern pike and muskie (tie for second place), panfish, bass, crappie and trout.

LakeLady Rods can hand craft a custom rod so you can Catch. More. Fish. No matter what species you’re looking to land.

LakeLady Rods has a reputation for building a high quality, unique product that functions exactly like it should on the water. Each rod is built one at a time from the highest quality component parts. We work with each client to determine what you want out of your fishing rod because this is definitely not a one-size-fits-all product. The process from the initial interview to delivery takes about 5-6 weeks, and cost varies depending on what you’re looking for in your rod, so now is the time to order and have that beautiful rod ready for open water.

Four tips to prepare for the upcoming fishing season:

  • Getting your boat ready for the season: Whether you get your boat ready yourself or take it to the shop, start thinking about rigging your boat and general maintenance so you’re ready when the ice is off. Make sure to change the lower unit oil, replace the spark plugs and change the impeller. Simple maintenance tasks should never be ignored or it could hinder your spring fishing plans.

  • Rod and reel maintenance and inventory: At the start of each season, you check your line, change any guides for any rough edges causing frays and find any weak threads on your wraps. This year, skip all that and order a new fishing rod from LakeLady Rods. Not only is your LakeLady rod unique, it’s comfortable and balanced to fit you. Every rod built takes into account the physical fit to the owner and the functional fit for the type of fishing. When properly balanced with your reel, the outfit feels weightless.

  • Plan a fishing trip: Most anglers have their favorite local lakes to fish, and many don’t want to share where they catch the best fish so other people won’t infringe on their spot. Here are a few better known fishing holes in the Midwest and what fish they are known for supplying.

    • Lake St. Clair, Michigan: Bass, muskie, walleye, perch, northern pike
    • Detroit River, Michigan: Walleye, muskie, bass, perch
    • Brainerd Lakes, Minnesota: Walleye, northern pike, panfish, trout, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, muskie
    • Lake of the Woods, Minnesota: Walleye, muskie, crappie, northern pike, trout, white fish, sturgeon
    • Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin: Muskie, crappie, northern pike, trout, and of course lake sturgeon
    • Lake Michigan, Michigan: Salmon, steelhead, perch, rainbow trout
    • Devils Lake, North Dakota: Perch, walleye, northern pike, crappie, muskie
    • Lake Erie, Ohio: Perch, walleye, salmon
    • Makoop Lake, Ontario: Walleye, pike
  • Don’t forget to purchase your fishing license!

The 75th Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener is slated for May 12-13 in Mankato. The tradition of the Governor’s Opener is when the LakeLady Rods business really started to take off. In 2000, Kris Kristufek was asked to build a fishing rod for Minnesota’s then-governor Jesse Ventura for the Governor’s Fishing Opener. He ended up building eight rods for the event for Ventura, Lieutenant Governor Mae Schunk and both of their families. It was good exposure for the growing business. To check ice out dates for your lake, visit the MN DNR website.

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