Exceptional look and feel go hand in hand

LakeLady Rods provides a personalized expression you can’t get in any other rod.

LakeLady Rods provides a personalized expression you can’t get in any other rod.

LakeLady Rods makes all the difference

Mass produced rods don’t care about fit. We do.

Who doesn’t want to be the envy of their fishing buddies? The combination of high-quality components, beautiful craftsmanship and perfect ergonomic fit is the LakeLady difference. 

Each LakeLady rod is crafted from the finest world-class components available and designed to provide maximum performance while reducing weight and friction.

You can’t get that quality from any mass produced fishing rod.

World-class components such as line guides with:

  • space-age ceramic inserts

  •  titanium frames

  • light weight CNC aluminum
  • high modulus carbon fiber blanks

can make dramatic improvements in casting length, accuracy, sensitivity and more. 

I got a chance to fish with my new 7-foot fly rod this weekend and the rod casted well – much better than the 4-piece St. Croix that I have. I am very happy with the action and the results!

Jerry Ackerman, Breezy Point, MN

Fishing is fun, but it should also be comfortable.

We work together to build you the perfect rod.

A custom rod will provide the high functioning tool you want, but it can also be a work of art. From beautiful burl wood to cork and feather inlays to exotic thread art, the uniqueness of a custom rod can reflect any personality. Choose from handles and reel seats of custom-formed burl cork or lathe-turned exotic or native woods such as black ash, box elder, maple or exotic burls from around the world.

This isn’t a business where you place an order and have it on your doorstep in a week. We work together to find exactly what you want – how it functions, what it looks like, how it fits. Each rod is built one at a time and is of the highest quality yet functional. The process takes about 5-6 weeks, and cost varies depending on what you’re looking for in your rod. The cost of your LakeLady Rod will start at about $350 and increase depending on the quality of the materials, artistic embellishment, plus taxes, necessary shipping and 3.5% credit card fees as appropriate.

I will walk you through each step, determining the exact rod for you – how you intend to use the rod, what species of fish you’re targeting and more. Your rod will be 100 percent personalized, personally signed and given a serial number. Each rod also comes to you in a rod sock with your name embroidered on it. We’ve thought of every detail to make your custom rod buying experience the best it can be.

A fishing rod is like any other sporting gear – when it fits properly, you get better results.

Not only is your LakeLady rod unique, it’s comfortable.

Every rod we build takes into account the physical fit to the owner and the functional fit for the type of fishing. Your physical stature, size of hands, length of forearm and overall arm length dictate the butt grip length and diameter for casting and spinning rods.

Balance of the rod is important to make a rod feel good and reduce casting fatigue. When properly balanced with your reel, the outfit feels weightless.

Our rod performance gives anglers:

  • outstanding accuracy

  • sensitivity

  • comfort